Joshua Rex
In July 2009, Dana Depew of Asterisk Gallery (Tremont) was given the run of the old 107.9 THE END radio station building downtown. His job was to convert the abandoned space into a Cleveland art showcase for the 2009 Ingenuity Festival. Each artist was given their own room, to hang/convert/do what they like. I decided to fulfill a long standing idea to have a show featuring all my coffin paintings. This video is the result.

The festival ran from July 10-12. The building is set to be torn down, although I don't believe there is a date pending. The room remains grey, and my name is on the window, but the paintings are back at my studio on Superior.

Incidentally, it was during the festival that I discovered the Erie St. Cemetery, and took the photos that would be the source material for the Urban Monolith series.
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