Joshua Rex
Part IPart I (Detail)Part IIWilliam RufusWatermelonVinyl SunsetTollund ManTitanicTelephone PoleSupport BeamsStone CircleStargazerSpy SatellitesEggSerpentRichard IIPhoneNileNailMemphisLightbulbKingKhufu ShipIntersectionHaley's CometGuillotineGas DispenserCoronation ChairFamily TreeEclipseClosed CaptionDinosaurCandleBroken LinkBroken Glass
I began this massive piece (107"x12 yards) in 2010 when Cleveland photographer Paul Sobota gave me a huge roll of white photography backdrop for "drawing paper". I immediately unrolled and tack it to my studio wall, drew a long black line across it in oil paintstick and went from there. Three years later and 700+ miles away in Boston I completed it.

The images in this folder are selected close-ups of the larger piece, as well as a couple cursory shots of two of the three parts.