Joshua Rex

The poet’s novelist.

NY Times Best-Selling Novelist THOMAS LENNON

“One of the dynamic young luminaries of weird fiction


JOSHUA REX is an American author of speculative fiction, and an historian who holds an M.A. from Bowling Green State University. He was born in Sandusky, Ohio and grew up in both the Midwest and New England. He is the author of the novel A Mighty Word (Rotary Press), the novella The Inamorta (Weird House Press), and the collections The Descent and Other Strange Stories (Weird House Press), What’s Coming for You (Rotary Press), and The Coffin Maker’s Book of Dark Tales (Weird House Press) – a collection co-authored with Curtis M. Lawson. His short fiction has appeared with Nightscript, Pseudopod, Tales to Terrify, and others. He is the host of the podcast The Night Parlor, where he interviews authors, artists, historians, and musicians. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.