What’s Coming for You

Rotary Press (2020)

In these ten unsettling tales—the debut collection from Joshua Rex—cities and houses become predators, mothers macabre curators, dormant antique coats and colonial legends revivified dangers. A psychometress resurrects a rapacious fiend, and a psychologist counsels an eerily familiar patient. A man returning home to bury his father is forced to exhume a horrid secret, and a bullied adolescent’s game-winning shot is not only a team victory but a bloody and visceral personal triumph.

Uniting these doomed is the unequivocal certainty that what is coming is coming for us all.

  1. The Leap
  2. Breakout Season
  3. The Unfinished Room
  4. What’s Coming for You
  5. A Mother’s Museum
  6. Coattails
  7. The Whispering Wheel
  8. The Reveal
  9. In Situ
  10. The Voice Below

I was so impressed with it . . . they are all meticulously written and contain powerful weird effects. – S. T. JOSHI

Short stories that pack a serious punch, lengthier slabs of horror, lovely tales of dread. This is ‘What’s Coming for You’ and it’s lovely and it’s beautiful and will leave you asking for more and more. – PAN | BOOK REVIEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS

There’s a darkly electric texture . . . these impressive stories will evoke an echo of both intoxicating nostalgia and sober commemoration of dark-tale traditions. – CLINT SMITH, AUTHOR OF THE SKELETON MELODIES AND GHOULJAW

There are good writers and there are great writers . . . Joshua Rex is a GREAT writer. – QUAINT AND CURIOUS VOLUMES

The pace, the addiction and the fear [are] a propulsive concoction that inevitably [make this] a compulsive read. – YVONNE @ THE COY CATERPILLAR READS

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