Short Fiction.

“Homecoming” will be included in Nightscript Volume 8 (coming October 1st, 2022). There are some incredible authors in this TOC such as Steve Rasnic Tem and Daniel Braum – I’m honored to be amongst them. Thanks to Mr. C. M. Muller!

“The Scariest Story” is included in the anthology We Are Providence from Weird House Press. We Are Providence is a group of Rhode Island horror writers – this is our first anthology. It had its release at NecronomiCon 2022.

“The Passing” will appear in Nightscript Volume 7 (coming October 1st, 2021). I’m thrilled to be a part of this stellar collection as I’ve been an admirer of C.M. Muller‘s anthology and his aesthetic for some time. The anthology will also include such formidable contemporary fiction authors such as Clint Smith (The Skeleton Melodies, Ghouljaw and Other Stories, et al).

“The Passing” is an ode to inheritance, voluntary or otherwise, particularly concerning the transmission from an elder to a descendent all of the family stories and metadata which must be preserved. The old lady in the attic and the young boy to whom she has presented a sacred necklace of ash tree beads ending in a little horse, and an equally sacred book printed in gothic fraktur letter, have roots (to some degree, literally) in the legend of the Old Norse Poetic Edda, which includes the great tree at the center of the cosmos known as Yggdrasil. Will the boy’s heartwood be strong enough to bear the Green Crown?

Full Table of Contents:

Feast Your Eyes on the Yawning Monotony of Humdrum Rot — Clint Smith
The Passing — Joshua Rex
When Sleep At Last — Douglas Thompson
The Summer King’s Day — Timothy Granville
Roadkill — Elin Olausson
It Looked Like Her — Gordon Brown
Little Gods To Live In Them — David Surface
We Are The Gorillas — Douglas Ford
The Body Trick — Alexander James
Feed — Jason A. Wyckoff
’Neath The Mirror Of The Sea — Rhonda Eikamp
Clipped Wings — Steve Toase
The Cardboard Voice — Tim Major
The Validations — Ashley Stokes
A Perfect Doll — Regina Garza Mitchell
Madam and Yves — Marc Joan
The Delf — Danny Rhodes
Where the Oxen Turned the Plow — Charles Wilkinson
Feast of Fools: A Heartwarming Holiday Romance — LC von Hessen